Petersburg’s international economical forum rises prices

Organisers of Petersburg’s international economical forum are made to limit the number of participants because its popularity rises.

Organisation of International economical forum 2013. (PMEF) costs 295 000 roubles (about 49 thousand kuna), and standard (with the limitation on some events as a part of business and cultural program)- 177 000 roubles (29 500 kn).

Demand for places on forum significantly exceeds capacity possibilities of exhibition centre Lenexpo, so the organisers rose the ticket prices in order to limit the number of participants.

Forum’s prestige and lack of alternative area for Russian and foreign investors in Russia still attracts big interest of leading players and market leaders, and it is not to expected  that that will change this year despite  high ticket prices.

Main partners in year 2013 are Rosneft,Gazprom, Vnešekonombank and Russian nets. The value of partnership package is still not acknowledged. In year 2010 the package of main partner was 45 million roubles (around 8 million kuna) , and ordinary 23,6 (around 4).

Main topics of this year’s forum: global working program of stable economical growth, Russia on global plan, new catalysts diameter. Since that Russia will preside in G20 this year, the participants of Business twenty will participate.

Participation on forum PMEF 2013. was confirmed by 1361 participants so far, including more that 158 head managers of biggest foreign companies and 325 Russians. Forum’s budget is the same as last year’s, but absolute figures are not released in public. In year 2011 the amount of forum rose up to 880 million roubles (around 146 million kuna). It is expected on forum around 4000 participants and 1000 mass media representatives.

In further year, PMEF’s problem with space will be solved. This year for the last time it is held on Vasilevsky Island. Next year it will be organized in new exhibition centre in suburb of Saint Petersburg built by Expoforum. The centre predicts 140 000 m2 of open and closed areas and congress centre with capacity of 7000 seats.

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