Hotel Adriana: a perfect place to spend your vacation

In this hotel you will be pleasantly surprised by late breakfast “for the sleepyheads” which is served until 2.00 p.m.

Traveling with children can be a wonderful holiday full of different events that you will remember for the rest of your life. Probably, when you think about your vacation you never doubt whether or not you want to take your children with you. But even if you could convince grandparents to look after the children for a few days, go to the Adriatic and accommodate in the Hotel Adriana in Zadar and enjoy tranquility there.

You have already made a decission. You left your children with grandparents and set off for Zadar. Your destination is the hotel Adriana 4* in Falkensteiner Borik Resort. It is located just 3 km from the center of Zadar and the first thing that can impress you is a picturesque view of the coastline.

The hotel belongs to You & Me category and is located on the seacoast surrounded by pine forestpark. The hotel is intended to the guests age of 16 years and older and that is the exact place where you can feel what is real rest.
A special attention is devoted to gastronomy for making your vacation ideal. Dishes are served in a special way and chef-cooks describe themselves as personnel that values creativity, simplicity with paying special attention to cooking procedure. Besides good rest soon after arrival you will smell diversity of Mediterranean senses.

If you do not want to swim in the Adriatic sea you can have a gastronomic Croatian tour, Alps-Adriatic’s region. You will remember this gastronomic trip with memories from the hotel Adriatic in Zadar for a long time.
It is natural when you are on vacation you prefer to sleep longer, but the most part of hotels serves breakfast until 10.00. a.m. But not in this hotel as if you sleep longer you will be surprised with breakfast “for the sleepyheads” that serves until 2 p.m.
It really sounds as an interesting opportunity. The breakfast can be served until 2 p.m. but accommodation units of the hotel is necessary to book at the right time!

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