Opened factories polypropylene

Production was started by one of the biggest world polypropylene factory near Tobolska in Tyumen region. It is the happening which can turnRussiato become from importer the exporter of this wide spread used material.

Tobolsk-Polymer, branch of Russian petro chemistry company Sibur, produce per year 500.000 tons of plastic, which is used in everything from packages to car parts, and it will employee 460 employers.

Project realization lasted for three year, and the value is 2 milliard dollars. In year 2010, company got 1,4 milliard dollars of loan by the many international credit agencies and syndicates of companies under the state ownership of Vneshekonombank. The rest part was financed by Sibur’s personal funds.

More than 320 companies from 23 countries are included in project which is considered to be the biggest in industry history, through offering services and materials.

New production plants will increase Russian current polypropylene production for 40%, which will enable to export plastic to other countries.

“Even though it sounds unusual,Russia, which has such big base of resources, still imports his important product in big amounts “, as it was said on Tuesday by president Vladimir Putin on opening of factory.

In 2012,Russiaproduced 650.000 tons of polypropylene while needs are bigger than 840.000 tons.

According to research of agency HIS, domestic market of polypropylene will grow for 4,2 % till year 2020.World plastic consumption  is in constant increase and it reached 50 million tons in year 2011.

At fulfilment of domestic demands, Sibur plans to export plastic to Europe andChina.

Polypropylene is used for different products, including packages, labelling, textile, containers, equipment and car parts.

It is made of propane, what is additional  product is oil extraction.

New production plant situated in close vicinity of factory Sibur for gas production, Tobolsk-Neftekhim, which will supply more than 600.000 tons of propane per year.

According to Sibur, the price of production of one ton of polypropylene, puts it in top 10 %  at efficiency among this kind of plants in the world.

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