Russian ministry of foreign affairs does not recommend to Russians to travel to Turkey

Posted: 26.11.2015. - Tourism

 As mass media reported on Tuesday 24th November, Russian minister of foreign affairs Sergej Lavrov recommended.“The threat of terrorism in Turkey is nothing smaller than in Egypt, so we do not recommend to go to […]

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Mystical sights of Sochi

Posted: 06.10.2015. - ~Novosti iz Rusije

Sochi is loctaed in the subtropics, in southern Russia, in Krasnodar area. The city has a couple of mystical places associated with the ancient legends and traditions, and during the constructions of sport facilities for the Olympics […]

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Putin Opens New Mosque in Moscow

Posted: 28.09.2015. - ~Novosti iz Rusije

Night before Eid al-Adha, in Moscow opened central mosque whose construction lasted seven years. It is a joint project of Turkey and Russia whose presidents attended the ceremony, accompanied by the president of the Palestinian Authority

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Welt: Russian oil companies are profiting from the crisis

Posted: 24.08.2015. - ~Novosti iz Rusije

The weakening of the Russian economy, among other things, is related to the drop in oil prices, but Russian oil companies generate the biggest profits in the world market, writes the German newspaper Die Welt. “Russian […]

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Qualified foreigners to get Russian citizenship faster under new rules

Posted: 21.08.2015. - ~Novosti iz Rusije

Under new rules it will be easier for foreign professionals to obtain Russian citizenship. Migrants who have expertise in the field of medicine and engineering, as well as qualified workers will be able to obtain […]

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Lošinj hotels among the greatest

Posted: 21.08.2015. - ~Novosti iz Rusije

Lošinj hotels Bellevue and Vitality Punta, part of Jadranka Hotels branch, are the only Croatian hotels nominated for Global Wellness Travel Awards in spa and wellness category. Nomination itself is already a great international recognition for the Lošinj hotels, for they […]

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Ankara explained the disposal of signing the Turkish Stream conctract

Posted: 06.08.2015. - ~Novosti iz Rusije

Međuvladin sporazum između Moskve i Ankare o izgradnji plinovoda „Turski tok” i sporazum o popustu na plin trebaju biti potpisani istovremeno, nakon…

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Transaero Airlines receives its first Airbus A321

Posted: 03.08.2015. - ~Novosti iz Rusije

Transaero Airlines today received delivery of its first Airbus A321 as a result of a long- term leasing agreement between the airline and ICBC Leasing of China. The delivery from Airbus’s Hamburg plant is part […]

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PAF (Pag Art Festival) July 31st- August 14th 2015

Posted: 28.07.2015. - ~Novosti iz Rusije

For the last 17 years PagArtFestival gathers distinguished artists from Croatia and beyond! Starting from this summer not only in Pag, but in Novalja and Kolan as well! This years program will bring art music that reaches […]

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Russian tourists spend less while on holiday

Posted: 16.07.2015. - ~Novosti iz Rusije

Russians traveling abroad go shopping much less this year. The greatest drop was recorded with respect to leather products, jewelry and sporting goods. The first five months of 2015 showed that the number of credit […]

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