Arctic ice flowers

Posted: 27.09.2016. - ~Novosti iz Rusije

  On the surface of North ice ocean close to north Russian coast “flowers” grow where microscope life lives. It is the phenomenon “Flower fields” which grow on the ice ocean and look like the […]

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In Moscow and St. Petersburg are searches of Scientologists

Posted: 21.06.2016. - Home page

In Moscow and St. Petersburg are searches of ScientologistsIn Moscow and St. Petersburg are searched in a criminal case on the Church of Scientology of “illegal business”.According to a source in law enforcement, “a full-scale […]

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Fashion show of XD Xenia design brand in Moscow

Posted: 18.02.2016. - ~Novosti iz Rusije


Croatian well-known designer Ksenija Vrbanic will hold a fashion show in Moscow on February 23th in the Expo Center where will be presented a collection 2016/2017.1. How long have you been in fashion?Since 1986 year […]

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Moscow’s new “Ramenskoye” airport to open in spring

Posted: 12.02.2016. - ~Novosti iz Rusije

Zračna luka

It is planned that the airport is accommodating first international and domestic flights in early March 2016 year as has announced Public Relations Service of the airport.By that time the construction of a passenger terminal […]

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Health turism is getting more popular

Posted: 10.02.2016. - ~Novosti iz Rusije

Zdravstveni turizam

According to the international online-platform for searching and organizing medical treatment worldwide called MEDIGO, annually 500 000 Russians go abroad for treatment. According to forecasts, this figure might remain the same or even increase in […]

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Red Wings and both Aeroflot and S7 Airlines connect Russia and Croatia

Posted: 08.02.2016. - ~Novosti iz Rusije

Russian airline company Red Wings has become a regular carrier to the agreed flight between Russia and Croatia, has been published on the website of the Federal Air Transport Agency. It presents three new lines […]

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Putin Opens New Mosque in Moscow

Posted: 28.09.2015. - ~Novosti iz Rusije

Night before Eid al-Adha, in Moscow opened central mosque whose construction lasted seven years. It is a joint project of Turkey and Russia whose presidents attended the ceremony, accompanied by the president of the Palestinian Authority

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PAF (Pag Art Festival) July 31st- August 14th 2015

Posted: 28.07.2015. - ~Novosti iz Rusije

For the last 17 years PagArtFestival gathers distinguished artists from Croatia and beyond! Starting from this summer not only in Pag, but in Novalja and Kolan as well! This years program will bring art music that reaches […]

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TOP 8 interesting facts about Putin

Posted: 06.06.2015. - ~Novosti iz Rusije

Lately, there have been more and more stories about Russian president Vladimir Putin. Some call him dictator, some call him tyrant, other call him savior of Russia and so on…However, Putin is a man with the […]

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