HBOR and Sberbank of Russia in a project with the value of 19 million euro

Posted: 14.11.2013. - ~Novosti iz Rusije

Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development made an agreement on cooperation with Sberbank Russia , as a part of joined projects, first of all financing of export business. “It is known that Sberbank Russia is […]

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The decision to extend the Customs Union

Posted: 28.10.2013. - ~Novosti iz Rusije

At the meeting of Higher Euro Asian economical council in Minsk, the presidents of Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan– Putin, Lukašenko and Nazarbajev, have made the decision to connect Armenia and Kyrgyzstan to Customs Union. The […]

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Putin proposes to Members of APEC Investment in Russia

Posted: 10.10.2013. - ~Novosti iz Rusije

Russian president Vladimir Putin suggest to the leaders of countries of Asia-Pacific region to invest in construction of Amurskaya Baikal highway, Trans Siberian railway and in modernisation of North sea way. “I invite business from […]

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New railway line will connect Russia and Japan

Posted: 22.09.2013. - ~Novosti iz Rusije

  Russian and Japanese governments plan to start negotiation talks on creating traffic corridor between Sakhalin and Japanese island Hokkaido. Project includes building of railway line, which will connect Sakhalin with land, in length of […]

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In Sibenik on Russian – Croatian cooperation in construction

Posted: 15.09.2013. - ~Novosti iz Rusije

On international conference „Russia and Croatia. Exchange of experiences and perspective business cooperation in construction“, which will be held on Monday 16th September in Šibenik, as a part of business-regatta „ Silver sail 2013“, the […]

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Russian entrepreneurs in Croatia have the same conditions as the other, and in Russia two years without tax

Posted: 03.08.2013. - ~Novosti iz Rusije

Croatian president Ivo Josipović in exclusive interview for Kommersant, published by Russian news, talks about investment climate and business possibilities of Russians in Croatia pointing out that Russian investors have the same terms as Croatian. […]

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Veterinary and phytosanitary requirements for export in Russian Federation

Posted: 01.08.2013. - ~Novosti iz Rusije

Russian Federation is second export market for agry-food products of European union and first according to the value for animal export and products of animal origin like meat and dairy products and fruit and vegetables. […]

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Petersburg’s international economical forum rises prices

Posted: 05.06.2013. - ~Novosti iz Rusije

Organisers of Petersburg’s international economical forum are made to limit the number of participants because its popularity rises. Organisation of International economical forum 2013. (PMEF) costs 295 000 roubles (about 49 thousand kuna), and standard […]

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Serbia and Russian Federation signed the Declaration on strategic partnership

Posted: 29.05.2013. - ~Novosti iz Rusije

President of Republic of Serbia Tomislav Tadić and president of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, signed recently on Friday in Sichi, the Declaration on strategic patnership of two countries, sending the message that the relation between […]

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