Gazprom threatened to susupend gas delivery to Europe

Posted: 24.04.2015. - ~Novosti iz Rusije

For the first time, Russian gas monopolist Gazprom, threatened to suspend gas delivery to Europe if the project Turkish Stream gets terminated. Aims of Russian authorities is to realize this project because after that, they can abolish gas transit […]

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Trust in company paid 200.000 kuna

Posted: 21.04.2015. - ~Novosti iz Rusije

Further increase of income along with profit thanks to activities on existing markets, and also entering the new markets, are the plans for AD Plastika for 2015.It was stated by the management president Marinko Došen […]

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TLM will make profit after I establish strict control in Management

Posted: 17.04.2015. - ~Novosti iz Rusije

There are forces that wish the company’s bankrupt, and I advise them that it is poor and that the bankruptcy must not be allowed. TLM’s (Light Metals Factory) new owner, Russian investor and industrialist Igor Shamis […]

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Russians ask questions, Putin replies: “Sanctions will not last forever, we are not Iran”

Posted: 16.04.2015. - ~Novosti iz Rusije

Russian president Vladimir Putin stated for the “Direct line” show, that sanctions against his country will not be terminated soon, because Russia’s geopolitical partners “are trying to hinder our development”. Russian president began answering questions from citizens which, as […]

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Russian ruble bounces back to become the world’s best-performing currency

Posted: 15.04.2015. - ~Novosti iz Rusije

Between early February and early April 2015, the Russian ruble gained 22.3 percent against key benchmarks, making it the world’s best-performing currency, UFS IC chief analyst Alexei Kozlov has told. Experts are not yet convinced […]

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Five countries sign declaration seeking to carry out Russian Turkish Stream project in Europe

Posted: 14.04.2015. - ~Novosti iz Rusije

Hungary, Macedonia, Serbia, Greece and Turkey seek ways to diversify routes and channels of natural gas deliveries to Europe trough Turkey, according to a declaration foreign ministers of the five countries signed in Budapest on Tuesday. The […]

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Press Digest: Tsipras visits Moscow amid German fears of division in EU

Posted: 09.04.2015. - ~Novosti iz Rusije

We present you a selection of views from leading Russian media on international events, featuring a preview of Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ visit to Moscow, as well as reports on the beginning of constitutional […]

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Putin’s Economic Team Plays Houdini

Posted: 30.03.2015. - ~Novosti iz Rusije

The prestigious US data and media company Bloomberg analyzes the gradual economic recovery of Russia and moves of Putin’s economists that have led to that, emphasizing above all the successful measures taken by the Governor of the Central Bank […]

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Ukraine has not paid gas- Russia closes the valves to the EU tomorrow

Posted: 24.03.2015. - ~Novosti iz Rusije

Ukraine has not paid the advance for Russian gas and Gazprom warned that there are serious risks for the supply of gas to Europe via Ukraine. “Ukraine has not paid new advance on time,” said the […]

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Putin on the offensive

Posted: 23.03.2015. - ~Novosti iz Rusije

Russian President Vladimir Putin has called on the Russian billionaires and businessmen to invest their capital back to Russia because there is a possibility for their assets abroad to be frozen.Apparently referring to the possibility of […]

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