Sberbank has made a slight profit growth

Posted: 29.08.2013. - ~Novosti iz Rusije

Russian bank giant Sberbank marks small increase in net profit in second quarter and increase of reservations for bad loans.Net profit was 86 million roubles (2,6 milliard dollars), what is for 3,5 % more than […]

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Negative demographic trends

Posted: 22.08.2013. - ~Novosti iz Rusije

Due to negative demographic trends, Russia will have to close 733 schools because there is not children. Experts predict that the number of people in Russian Federation till 2030 decrease for 10%, what is alarming. […]

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Russia looks for workers

Posted: 20.08.2013. - ~Novosti iz Rusije

According to new trends and information which come fromRussian Federation, speciallyMoscow,Russiais new promised land. Russian economy stand well, growth rates are high, and, it has natural sources according to which the country will develop further […]

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Russian investment boom in Virgin Islands

Posted: 19.08.2013. - ~Novosti iz Rusije

The call by president of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to domestic companies to return the funds from off-shore jurisdiction to Russia wasn’t successful. However, almost half of 67 milliard dollars of investments of Russian residents […]

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MGU among the hundred best universities

Posted: 17.08.2013. - ~Novosti iz Rusije

  Moscow’s state university Lomonosov took 79th place on academic rang list of 500 best world universities (ARWU) which is every year made byShanghaiuniversity Jiao Tong. At the same time, Russian Ministry of education and […]

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Minister Zmajlovic with owners Refinery Brod

Posted: 17.08.2013. - ~Novosti iz Rusije

  On the meeting of Minister of environmental and nature protection Republic of Croatia Mihael Zmajlović with representatives of Russian companies Zarubežnjeft in whose ownership is Rafinery Brod, held at the end of the week […]

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Russia tightens migration politics

Posted: 11.08.2013. - ~Novosti iz Rusije

  Russia will, according to notice by Federal migration service, in future period significantly tighten migration politics. Laws that became valid in year 2013, significantly spread the list of basics how migrants can be cancelled […]

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Former CEO Rosbank Vladimir Golubkov imprisoned

Posted: 10.08.2013. - ~Novosti iz Rusije

  Golubkov is in home imprisonment, but the judge accepted the opinion of investigator that he is put in prison till the trial on 16th October said his lawyer Dmitrij Kharitonov. The court decision is […]

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How to start business in Russia

Posted: 03.08.2013. - ~Novosti iz Rusije

So far the citizens of west countries considers  that international corporations can lead the business in Russia, and potential investors were afraid of rumours on the level of corruption. But, today in big towns and […]

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Petersburg’s international economical forum rises prices

Posted: 05.06.2013. - ~Novosti iz Rusije

Organisers of Petersburg’s international economical forum are made to limit the number of participants because its popularity rises. Organisation of International economical forum 2013. (PMEF) costs 295 000 roubles (about 49 thousand kuna), and standard […]

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