Advisor to the President of Sberbank Management Board, Mr. Poletaev after the meeting with Prime Minister, Mr. Plenkovic said that the agreement on Agrokor for this concern represents a new beginning. “We are very happy with the result. It looks very convincing. I thank all the consumers and all the shareholders who helped us a lot,” said Poletaev, after leaving the meeting in Banski Dvori. “It’s a new beginning – a new start for Agrokor, a new start for Croatia and we are waiting to be done a lot in the future,” added Mr. Poletaev. Agrokor’s creditors voted on a deal, which was voted by creditors with 80.2 percent of total claims. The settlement was voted by creditors with 27.08 billion kunas in total claims 33.75 billion kunas.
“We are happy that the settlement is accepted by a large majority of 80 percent. This has proven that the settlement included a very wide circle of creditors and it will make our work easier,” said Mr. Peruško.Deputy Foreign Commissioner, Mrs. Weber said that she and Mr. Peruško reported to the Prime minister about the vote on the settlement, as well as that they had a joint meeting with representatives of Sberbank. “From today we are working on the future of Agrokor. We are focusing on increasing profitability, revenue, and efficiency of all operating companies,” concluded Mrs. Weber.

Source: https://lider.media

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