New Russian wagons for metro in Kiev

Kiev Metropolitan recently presented new wagons which are in function from August on city net. Project is financed by European bank for reconstruction and development.

EBRD earlier signed 100 million euro for Kiev’s traffic city project, or for buying of new vehicle fleet.40 million euro of loan under the condition that Kiev Metropolitan finances up to 10 new trains of subway with five cars in each.

After the parliament approves the implementations of EBRD rules, Kiev Metropolitan started  multi phase open international content for purchase of metro wagons. Russian wagon producer for underground  railways Vagonmash announced the winner of content.

Fast growing town leans on metro net, which daily transports millions of Kiev’s citizens, tourists and business visitors.

It is expected that new metro trains will drive on Syretsko-Pecherska line which daily drives over river Dnjepar, connecting city “dormitory” with centre.

Old metro wagons, many are produced in late 60s will now be replaced with modern, with better system for air condition and additional space for disabled passengers.

This is beginning of bigger program of Kiev’s metro modernization ,which suggests replacement of older vehicle fleet.

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