New railway line will connect Russia and Japan


Russian and Japanese governments plan to start negotiation talks on creating traffic corridor between Sakhalin and Japanese island Hokkaido.

Project includes building of railway line, which will connect Sakhalin with land, in length of 580 km. As a part of project, there are plans for modernisation of whole railway system of Sakhalin.

It is expected that this investment will be part of bigger project, which includes creation of new traffic connections between East and West, by building the bridge or tunnel through ravine La Perouse between Sakhalin and Hokkaido, in the length of 42 km.

The expense of Russian part of project is 4,5 milliard dollars, of which 2 milliard dollars will be invested in building of continental railway line from Sakhalin, while the rest 2,5 milliard dollars is planned to be invested in railway network of Sakhalin.

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