According to unofficial diplomatic sources Croatian Ambassador Tonči Staničić returns to Croatia.

Another professional diplomat Tomislav Car shall replace him in Russia who is currently the Croatian representative in the Political and Security Committee of the European Union in Brussels.

Some time earlier the previous ambassador Igor Pokaz also left the mandate in 2015 year due to private reasons. Now he is active ambassador to the UK. Staničić replaced him last year during the diplomatic crisis which broke out after the incident of poisoning nerve agent in the UK when Croatia stood in full solidarity with London and expelled a Russian diplomat in Zagreb.

Tomislav Car is a career diplomat too. He was born in 1964 year, married and has two children. Since 2014 year Car has been an ambassador in Slovakia from 2007 year to 2011 year and from 2012 year to 2014 year he was the Head of the cabinet of Foreign Minister Vesna Pusić. He was also Assistant Advisor and then Counselor for European Integration and Foreign Policy of President Stjepan Mesić.


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