After Norway and Ukraine, “Dalekovod” sets off to Finland

“Dalekovod” has not been to Finnish market yet, but is competing for job worth of 30 million euros.

Predsjednik Uprave Dalekovoda Paško Vela/Marko Lukunić/PIXSELL
The book of contracted projects for Zagreb “Dalekovod” for this year is completely filled, with a new jobs in foreign markets, for the incoming period. This information was confirmed by the president of Dalekovod, Pasko Vela.
After the official information  that the company is about to sign a new contract worth 43 million euros in Ukraine, Vela particularly noted that big activities have been done in the department of sales, with maximum attention to foreign markets. Second quarter of the year and Export campaign, has brought to Dalekovod more than 110 million new export deals that have been or are expected to be signed. Management has recently reported on received official notification from Ukrenergoa, the Ukrainian national power company, about granted job of upgrading and modernizing substations Kyivska in construction of 750 kV transmission line Rivne – Kiev, Lot 3. The signature of this agreement is expected shortly, unofficially in July. It is Dalekovod’s second job in Ukraine in the short term.
Last week, Dalekovod has made a deal worth over 10 million euros, with the same Ukrainian client. It is a part of a large “Power transmission” project of modernization of the Ukrainian electricity system, which includes the acquisition of high-voltage equipment for the 750 kV substation Vinnitsa. About ten days before that, at the beginning of June, they also signed a contract with the Norwegian Stattnet, renowned company for the transmission and distribution of electricity at high voltages, worth over 60 million euros. After good news from Norway and Ukraine, Dalekovod optimistically awaits the result of the current tender in Finland, which will be known in a few weeks.
Finnish market is new to Dalekovod, and in this particular case, they are competing for the 30 million-euro deal. Pre-qualification of the new jobs in Norway is in progress, and opening of the new series of tenders is expected to begin during the fall. It is expected the opening of tenders in Kosovo, where Dalekovod is already present, and a number of tenders in Albania. “After years of delays, major projects are being prepared in Albania in 2016, and the total value of the tender is 100 million euros”, says Vela. Dalekovod planned 1.2 billion of revenue for this year, with the possibility of transpose.

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