Moscow- tourism Fair “MITT-2015”, one of the biggest tourism fairs

On one of the largest tourism fairs beggins the struggle for Russian tourists.

Hrvatski štand

The biggest tourism Fair of the Russian Federation, 22nd in a row, MITT (Moscow International Travel&Tourism Exhibition) opens it’s doors in the Moscow  Expocenter.

It is a big opportunity for tourist world to show, in only 5 days what they can offer, and that way, despite the crises and sanctions to, attract millions of Russians.

It is long been known, even in Croatia, that Russians are  excellent guests, who spend a lot of money, but in return want an excellent service so that they always come back. MITT is one of the five leading tourism fairs where, over 2500 agencies from over 200 counties are represented, what makes it a key spot for making good contracts and contacts with clients and new brands. In a word, those who are not present at the fair, in the serious world of tourism for the Russians- do not belong there!

Ruski turisti

“On an area of 57,000 square meters exhibiting a large number of countries and companies, and the fair is on average, visited by about 75,000 visitors. MITT is a key place for opening of season in “B2B- Be to be”, but also for “B2C- Be to see” business segment. All the leading Russian and international tourism factors working in Russia will be present at the fair, and it is an ideal place for business for Croatian tourist operators and industry. Also, due to the large number of visitors who are not involved in the tourism business, this is the ideal place for the presentation of the Croatian tourist destinations to potential tourists” points out Rajko Ruzicka, director of the Croatian Tourist Board in Moscow.

This year, within the fair, there will be held Workshop for all the hoteliers, MITT summerschool, and Moscow international tourism business summit and the Moscow International Congress of medical and health tourism. Unlike the past years, this year tourism of Iran, Yemen, Bahrain, Myanmar, and the Greek island of Crete will be represented.

“Although, the number of Russians traveling abroad decreased in 2014th, Russia remains one of the main market source for international travel. In the last couple of months Russian international connections have increased by twice as many direct flights. As with any crisis, the market will recover, sooner or later, and this is crucial for anyone who is interested to remain in touch with the Russian market and partners” said Maria Bakakh, director of Sales and Events of MITT’s.

Leading tour operators participating in MITT 2015 are Natalie Tours, Karlson Tourism, Apex tour, Biblio Globus, Tez Tour, PegasTuristik, Pak-group, Atlantis line, Intourist and many others. And Croatia will present itself on the charming stand decorated in national colors that will poke in the eye and call guests in Croatia – said Ruzicka.

Deputy Minister of Tourism, Ph.D. Douglas Koraca will also participate at the fair. However, except participation at the fair, Deputy Koraca will hold meetings in Moscow with representatives of the tourism sector of Russia, and tour operators TUI, Vip Master, Paks, Intourist as well as the airline Transaero to discuss consolidation of tourism cooperation between Croatia and Russia.


Source: Glas Slavonije

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