Moscow’s new “Ramenskoye” airport to open in spring

Zračna lukaIt is planned that the airport is accommodating first international and domestic flights in early March 2016 year as has announced Public Relations Service of the airport.

By that time the construction of a passenger terminal with a possibility of the capacity of 2 million people annually will be completed.

It is possible to reach the airport by train, by car or by bus. From Komsomolskaya Moscow metro station (Kazansky railway station) the passengers can get to the nearest railway station from the airport called “Otdyh” using a commuter train which takes about 50 minutes. Then to get to the terminal by a shuttle bus (it takes not more than 10 minutes).

Also travelers can leave luggage and to check –in for a flight at “Kotelniki” Moscow metro station in a special traffic office and to take a regular bus to the airport.

“Russian Railways” plans this fall to launch all necessary preparatory measures in order the comfortable trains as “Sputnik” could stop over at “Otdyh” the nearest railway station from the airport. Then passengers will be transferred to the terminal by shuttle buses. Therefore, travel time will be reduced up to 45 minutes and it will be more comfortable.

Total train ticket price will be about 190 rubles which is much cheaper than the ticket cost of “Aeroexpress” train linking Moscow with the airports, has said the General Director of “Ramport Aero” Tomas Vaishvila.

Fourth Moscow airport will become a platform for low-budget and charter flights. Airport representatives are negotiating with 20 airline companies from Russia and the CIS, including Belorussian “Belavia” and charter carriers “I Fly”, “Royal Flight”, “North Wind”, “Azur Air” and the low-cost airline “Pobeda”. So far, the greatest interest in cooperating has showed “Pobeda”, “I Fly” and “Red Wings”.

Before the opening of the airport it is planned to change its name to “Zhukovsky”.

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