Moscow region is investing in amateur sport

Government ofMoscow’s region plans radical upgrade of sports infrastructure. They plan to invest for 50 new sports complexes 6 milliard roubles (181 million dollars). The building of new objects should start at the end of 2013 or at the beginning of 2014.

But, different to other sports objects in Russia that are built as a part of preparations for international competitions, these projects will be build for public use specially, and not for professional sport, and non of the planned objects will not have more than 100 places for spectators.

Moscow’s region currently has 27 swimming pools, 16 multifunctional fitness centres and 7 ice skating courts which is enough only for 14,5 % of citizens needs. According to the estimates, 1,5 million people currently takes part in sport. Acting Governor Andrei Vorobyov has ordered to increase the number for700 000 intime period of five years.

Even though the expenses of building will fall on regional authorities, the counties will insure money for huge maintenance expenses. These expenses are not as big as professional sports objects, regular maintenance will cost around 20 to 25 million roubles. The entrance tickets will have to cover pool maintenance expenses, which are the most paid off sports objects.

For investments in sports objects inMoscow’s region, 4 private companies are interested. One of them plans to spend 300 million roubles for building of 6000 square meters of retail and sports complexes, and second part for fitness facilities.

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