Moscow the fastest in metro construction in the world

Moscow is at the top of world range in the speed for metro construction, said the acting of major deputy of Moscow for urbanization and building Marat Husnullin.

Starting from zero last year was build 12 km of metro, and the plan is to build this year more 12,5 km, 6 stations and two depots. On the construction of more than hundred metro objects currently works 32 thousand workers, which is as twice as more than last year.

At the same time the initiative of police and Moscow’s metro plans are passengers monitoring via SIM cards which made strong reactions of human rights activists.

Moscow metro plans will install sensors which will make it possible to trace the passengers via their SIM cards in their mobile phones. The measure is focused on helping the police to be able to find stolen things, but the activists for rights warn that this is the violation of privacy rights.

But the responsible ones consider that sensors in underground will become a part of intelligent system of safety. Every device has the radius of reading of 5 meters, and in order to make the system more efficient the devices will be installed on every CCTV camera inside the station, halls and metro vehicles.

Passengers telephone number will automatically be stated by passing through the sensor. If SIM card is on the list of “Missing”, the system will automatically inform the police and made GPS card. System will work, no matter the phone is turned on or off, the presences of SIM card is important.

If passengers telephone is stolen, he can contact police, and on call officer will put the number in system and find out where the stolen SIM card is.

But, the activists for human rights, from Russia as well as outside Russia, for that initiative say that it strongly violates people’s privacy, and implementation of system is against the law in Russia. Activists ask how it is possible to detect the suspicious one among few people who pass by sensor. This means the check of all, which is simply illegal.

But, Ministry of Internal affairs believes that the system will be started without the legal implication. According to the law police is not allowed to monitor the person without reason without sanctions, but it can protect the property, what is just what SIM cards are. But, the lawyer Georgij Ter-Akopov said that mobile device is the property of passenger not the company.

Even though the theft of mobile phones is one of the most frequent offenses in Moscow’s metro, main director of Security Industry Association, Aleksandr Ivanchenko, says that system of sensors doesn’t seem as the most efficient problem solution. He considers that the price of this system is not comparable with the value of stolen mobile phones. “More efficient technique against theft already exist and they are well known. In USA for example, the owner of stolen mobile phone just have to call the operator and the device stops to work, even if the SIM card is changed”, says Ivanchenko.

Retired police colonel Evgeny Chernousov suggested that sensors have other purpose- to identify terrorists in metro. From early 2000, there were three terrorist attacks in Moscow’s metro, which resulted in death of 90 persons and more than 200 wounded.

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