Moskovski bijenale suvremene umjetnosti

On Fifth Moscow’s biennial of contemporary  art which will be held from 20th September to 20th October, the artists from 40 countries will be presented.

Content of program is always unpredictable and unique. This year significant American artist conceptualist John Baldesari exhibits and famous Austrian artist Erwin Wurm. Double exhibition of legendary Russian avant-gardist, masters of different generations, Ilja Kabanov and El Lisicki. During one month all 40 exhibition areas should be seen, as recommended by representative ofMoscow’s biennial Josip Bakštajn.

All major exhibition areas ofMoscowwill be filled with projects held under the wing ofMoscow’s biennial and make important consolidation force.

Main biennial ‘s project will be held in exhibition hall Manjež, nearby Kremlin.The name of project is call-More light! Coordinator of exhibition is manager of Gents museum of fine arts from Belgium Katrin de Zeger.

Project More light was consolidated by more than 70 authors, each will present their work by piece made specially forMoscow. Palestinian artist Mona Hatoum who lives inGreat Britainprepares installation Web, huge spider web with the constellation of crystal bowls. With their installations also arrives artists from Australia Alfredo and Isabel Aquilizan. Married couple intends to make the piece aboutRussia, which is in their country associated by ice winter, and they askedMoscow’s people to donate old skies and sledges. In project More light Russian artists take part as well, among others Valerij Košljakov today called as the biggest painter among painters.

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