More and more food from Serbia on Russian market

Serbia used to export fruit and fruit plants on Russian market, and due to bigger and bigger Russian interest for agricultural and food products from Serbia, now export fresh fruit, dairy and meat products. Big shopping chains inMoscowand other towns are interested in products of more phase. In that way during last few years it is possible to find cheese and other dairy products fromSerbia. Dairy farm “Kuč” in Kragujevac offers milk spreads, cream cheese, Katun’s cream. Jezdimir Kuč from dairy farm “Kuč” says that on Russian market is strong competition.”All big products from European Union andAmericaare here, and we are ready for bigger contracts and bigger businesses, we have big interest of their distributors who cover whole area”, point out Jezdimir Kuč.


Russia sells apples, cherries, peaches to Serbia for years. The biggest exporter is “Delta agrar”, who exported 4,5 thousand tons of apples last year and earned three million euro. This year they plan double amounts and values of fruit export. ”Our advantage as a big system is that we own all needed certificates for goods that these chains ask for. The thing on which should be worked on is connection of small producers in associations”, says Spomenka Radivojević from “Delta agrar”.


Three years ago to Russian traders was sold the food in value of 125 million dollars, 2011 for 165 million, and last year the value of export was only 147 million dollars, first of all due to drought which cut down on crops for half.


Dejan Delić from Chamber of Commerce of Serbia says that producers must ensure continues product qualities and goods supply which will be in certain time period on shelves of retailer chains in Russia.In Chamber of Commerce of Serbia claim that pay out to producers is done according to contract, in time period from 20 to 60 days, depending on goods type.

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