Moneron, Russian emerald paradise

Small Russian pacific island Moneron is green paradise oasis in blue vast. Island Moneron is50 kmsouth from big far east island Sahalin, and it is so small that it can be passed by in a small motor boat in half an hour, while on foot you will need 5-6 hours, if we count climbing on the highest peak of island hill Staricki (440m9

With crystal clear water, rich underworld life, small hotels complex, picturesque waterfalls in emerald hills and birds and fish costumed on the civilisation not to be afraid of people, this island is the dream of many tourists. However, the number of people who can go there during the year is strictly limited, in order to keep the nature untouched. Even small hotel complex, carefully situated among emerald hills on the bay coast, do not ruin the picture of this island not touched with civilisation. Comfortable hotel bungalows can accommodate up to 20 people. Bigger tourist groups would ruin the nature’s ecology balance of this island.

Since the island is situated in border area, so it is under the protection of Federal safety service ofRussia, for special permit from boarder authorities to visit this area you will need from one to few months. But, agencies who organize tourist tours to Moneron are ready to handle the paper procedure for you.

Travelling to Moneron starts in port town Neveljsk. The connection with the island is by local fleet of motor boats. From coast Sahalin to bay Moneron it has something more than30 milesor around50 km, but the speed of small boat against sea flows can not reach 10 knots (18 km/h). You can expect three hours by boat ride along waters of Tatarsk ravine, and if you have luck with the weather. Even the small trace of the storm will prolong the trip for at least half. When you arrive to Moneron there is a view to bay like a sight from the postcard.

Hundreds of rare birds which carefree stay on the rocks at the coast, nor local fish  are afraid of people. Grass on Moneron in summer months rise up to the height of a man.Paradisepicture is fulfilled with picturesque waterfalls, whose falls fall from the height of about15 m. But, maybe the biggest value of Moneron creates underworld. Ecologists are firstly trying to preserve this sea fauna of an island. Some of local underworld inhabitants don’t live anywhere else inRussia. There is scientific but surprising explanation: small uninhabited island Moneron is the only one in whole archipelago on the flow of warm flow Tsushimsk flow (branch of warm Curoshio flow) which comes from south from subtropical area. Because of that in crystal clear water around Moneron carelessly live rare types of animals like sea urchins  Abalon (“sea ear”), sea urchins with few barbs, sea cucumber and other exotic animals. Sea around Moneron is the dream of every underworld photographer.It is clear as the clearest crystal. The bottom is visible form the surface on the depth of few meters. Those lucky ones who stayed there with all their hearts want to visit Moneron again.

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