Minister Zmajlovic with owners Refinery Brod


On the meeting of Minister of environmental and nature protection Republic of Croatia Mihael Zmajlović with representatives of Russian companies Zarubežnjeft in whose ownership is Rafinery Brod, held at the end of the week in Zagreb, there are two guaranties that Rafinery Brod will modernize soon. According to optimistic words by minister Zmajlović, citizens of Slavonski Brod could soon breath clean air, because he is positive that Zarubežnjeft will stick to the agreement. Rafinery Brod will have to submit the report on under taken activities in modernisation , after what the phone conference will be held where the decision will be made if additional intervention of company management in Moscow and Croatian ministry  is needed. ”These are clear and indisputable warranties that it will be continued with the modernisation of Rafinery Brod in the planned dynamics. I asked that certain processes become faster and to be finished before it was planned” ,said Zmajlović. Minister also announced that next month will meet Working group which works on solving the problem. ”This situation with environment is a problem which can not be ignored. We refer to it responsible and will do everything what is in our power to fulfil the demands we were given”, said the President of Zarubežnjeft’s Alexander Voronin.He added that the company is interested in spreading the business in region and that the plans for Rafinery are long term plans and like that they will respect high standards of environment protection. Minister Zmajlović confirmed that Croatia is open to all Russian investments, with the condition that they are coordinated with high standards which Croatia over takes at entering EU.

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