Mammoth found in Siberia

Russian experts found adult mammoth in Siberian ice, with blood and preserved muscles. Found mammoth from Siberian ice most probably lived 10 to 15 thousand years ago and it weighted around three tons, and it was at the time of death old 50-60 years.Scientics verified that while digging of adult mammoth, or female mammoth, they succeeded to find the blood  in the caves under the ice, on the stomach of big animal. At the time when they broke the holes the blood went out, which surprised them enormously  since it was on10 Celsiusdegrees  below zero.

“We can expect that the blood was secured from freezing”, said Semjon Grigoriev, the head of museum on mammoths at Institute for  applied ecology in Russian townYakutsk. Muscles were also well preserved , it had natural red meat colour. This unique found will for sure interest international community since that the mammoth was found at the moment when the discussions are held  on “resurrection” of extinct species with the help of DNK. So far, including this case, were found three adult mammoths. Since there was not found quality enough DNK material, this mammoth could be in the future, due to well preserved blood and tissue, be cloned.

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