Kazan the financial Mecca of the Islamic world


In Kazan on 2nd and 3rd October  it will be held KazanSummit-2013, fifth international economical summit of Russia and countries of Organisation of Islamic conference, whose aim is to establish again business connections with Islamic countries, lost during 90’s.Capital of Tatarstan will be those days real financial Mecca. Arabian millionaires and  sheikhs will gather here, politicians and bank people from Middle East, North Africa and Southeast Asia. In total there will be over 35 countries. One of the aims of this summit is new opening of Russia to Islamic world.

Among those who participate on KazanSummit-2013 will also be Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, main secretary of Organisation of Islamic conference (OIC),Ahmed Muhamed  Ali el Madani, director of Islamic bank for development, sheikh Fajsal Ben Dzas el Tani, president of Association  of business men Catar. Russia will be represented by minister of economical development of Russian Federation Aleksej Uljukajev and director of Central bank Elvira Nabiulina.

“During USSR countries of Middle East, North Africa and Southeast Asia were on the market where they planned to place soviet product”, as Linar Jakupov explains, the president of organisation committee of summit and leader of Agency for investment development of Tatarstan.

“Our cooperation was temporarily cancelled, and our place was took by American and European companies. Now, however, we have possibility to come back, and not only to promote our products, but to attract their investments.” He adds that Arabic countries till recently almost didn’t consider possibility of investing in Russia, but now their caution easily grows in interest. Tatarstan in this view represents some kind of gate for investors from Arabic countries, because from one side this republic is counted as economically the most developed regions of Russian Federation, and from the other side it is the area with rich Islamic tradition.

One session will be dedicated to so-called clever towns and towns-satellites. These are small towns created on the principle of eco-design and where high technologies production is concentrated here. It is predicted that in capital of Tatarstan will soon be two such satellites: Inopolis and Smart City Kazan. On the work of this second project actively will participate companies from Southeast Asia and Middle East. As a part of summit the stone base will be placed of future town. As it was predicted , in this town will live and work high qualified doctors, engineers and educators. It is not excluded  that Smart City Kazan will become centre of development of Islamic countries.

Guests will be able to rest from economical themes on traditional horse racings for trophy “KazanSummit”, and president of Tatarstan Rustam Minjihanov will prepare dinner party in rooms or Kazan hippodrome.

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