From Moscow with love at holiday table

We bring you the article by author of gastro blog Daj who lives in Moscow for many years. She bakes,cooks,paints and writes and also explores what is traditionally served on holiday table.


Moscow for many year , decades draws attention to many visitors with its luxury tradition, art, music and special atmosphere that you feel when stepping on its ground.

The author says ,that for more than a year, as she lives in Moscow, she tries to get used to fast and picturesque way of life of this 15 million citizens people that changes all the time and offers new things all the time. Every part of the town is different and offers different things, some offer churches, some museums, the most different shops and fairs, theatres. Something which is special in Moscow are many parks and green areas. Beautiful green areas in the middle of noisy traffic and human steps, carefully arranged, some very intimate with small lakes and bridges, a some like town park , Park Gorki with many cultural and entertaining features like museums, small stands with sweets, skates area in the spring and big ice skating area in the winter.

As holiday are on the door, the town is luxury decorated, full of lights, small fairs with souvenirs, stands with hot drinks,ice skating areas, different happenings and similar pre holiday features.


What do Russians traditionally eat for holidays?

As you know , here it is celebrated Orthodox Christmas on 7th January, so we first have a New Year, and then Christmas, which is celebrated differently than Catholic one. New year is a holiday celebrated yb everybody and it has its tradition, and its most famous meals. The author found out, in conversations with her friends, what can be found on the table of Russians. There are: tangerine, red caviar, salad called “French salad” or “Russian salad” and it is really Olivier, salad Seledka pod shuboy, in translation herring in a fur coat.


Tangarine are part of New years fruit since the old days, when it was the only fruit on the holiday table.They symbolise wealth and positive way on life.

Red caviar (ikra) from the salmon, specially Siberian one. Really delicious food, which is must have on the New years table.It is eaten on the bread, better to choose brown bread Borodin’s (type of rye bread covered with coriander), spread with butter and with fresh red caviar.



Salad Olivier as we call it French or Russian salad, which should not be specially presented, and it is well known since it is often on out tables , on wedding as well as on similar parties. In Moscow in every restaurant, café bar (café is something like small restaurant with basic menu, where with coffee or tea you can eat something) Olivier is offered and very popular.


Herring in a fur coat is combination of herring, vegetables and mayonnaise. It is prepared in the way that first layer is red fish, then red onion, mayonnaise,potato, grated carrot and finally beetroot and everything is connected with mayonnaise. It looks very interesting because it is white and on the top pink, and since the beetroot is grated, it seems like fur, and mayonnaise like snow. It has special and alluring taste.


Something sweet, it does not have any special tradition, everybody prepares what they want, and it is usually some cakes, honey pie and similar.

Source: Dobra hrana

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