Počelo bušenje prve istrаžne bušotine nа području Republike Srpske

Company „Jadran-Naftagas“, joined company of NIS and Russian company „Neftegazinkor“, started to drill first exploration well „Ob-2“ on area of Republic of Serbian, at Obudovac, in county Šamac. Drilling is entrusted to NIS service company “Naftagas- oil services” d.o.o. At the opening ceremony of starting of drilling  apart from Kiril Kravčenko, general director of NIS, also took part Aleksandr Jurevič Voronjin, deputy of general director Zarubežneft, in whose part is NeftegazInKor and high positioned officials of Republic of Serbian, president Milorad Dodik and Željko Kovačević, minister of industry , energy and mining.

In geological-exploration works on area of Republic of Serbian it was invested around 13 million dollars in a period of one year (2011-2012), and planned investment in that purpose for year 2013 is around 19,5 million dollars. Till the end of year 2014 it is planned to invest, in exploration of oil and gas, 40,7 million dollars, and in phase of exploitation 188, 3 million dollars if reserves are present there.

This well was found according to certain information 2D seismic exploitations done in year 2011 and 2012.It was planned during year 2013 to perform drilling of one more well in east part of Republic of Serbian, in county Bjeljina. The dynamics of further exploitations of oil and mountains will depend on results of drilling. The starting of drilling of exploitation well in Obudovac does not automatically mean finding of oil, according to international practise in exploitation of oil and gas, the percentage of success is around 30 %.

According to plan of geological- exploitation works for area of Republic of Serbian until now new interpretation of old seismic information was published, as well as deconservation and exploitation of old well. While exploitation of oil and gas on area of Republic of Serbian, main methods are used: 2D and 3D seismic exploitation. The aim of these researches is detailed point of geological form and defining of geological models, or separating the most perspective locations for future detailed exploitations of oil and gas.

Processing and interpretation until now recorded seismic information done in scientific and technological center NIS Naftagas. Thanks to its cooperation with experts from Russian  oil companies “Gazprom” and “Zarubežneft”, locations are defined for drilling of first exploitation well in Republic of Serbian. To the exploitation works in Republic of Serbian the Contract on  concession  for exploitation and use of  hydrocarbon ( raw oil and gas) preceded on territory of Republic of Serbia. This contract n year 2011 was signed by “Jadran-Naftagas” and Ministry of finance, energy and mining in Republic of Serbia.

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