International Cybersecurity Congress organized by Sberbank with the support of ANO Digital Economy and Association of Banks of Russia takes place on July, 5-6 2018 year at the Congress Center of the World Trade Center in Moscow.

The congress program includes panel discussions and sessions dedicated to the most important challenges of cyberspace. The congress agenda will feature panel discussions, roundtables, and speeches by key international cybersecurity experts.The expectations are that Congress will host representatives of the federal government of the Russian Federation, leaders of the major Russian and international companies and organizations (Interpol, World Economic Forum, etc.), vendors of cybersecurity products and services, and leading international and Russian experts in cybersecurity.

Sberbank has initiated the creation of a platform that will help to join forces to counteract cybercrime and boost global cooperation in this area. On 5 July, an interactive training session on managing cybersecurity risks will be held as part of the ICC. The training session will let representatives of government agencies, security services, telecoms operators, the financial and banking sector, global vendors of cybersecurity products and solutions, and major cybersecurity professionals check how prepared Sberbank is to tackle critical situations in the cybersphere. It will take place at Sberbank’s Yuzhny Port Data Processing Centre.

The Congress could become an important stage in developing cybersecurity partnerships with many nations and will significantly boost the reputation and standing of the Russian Federation as a world leader in fighting cybercrime.


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