‘Zanimaju nas vaša nafta i geološka istraživanja’

Today in Zagreb in visit is vice president of Russian government Arkadij Dvorkovič as new ambassador of Youth Sports Games. Before the meeting with Croatian Prime minister Zoran Milanović, prominent member of regime of Vladimir Putin took some time for short talk with tportal.

There are traditional questions concerning the cooperation between Croatia and Russia in energy sphere. To our companies there are few projects we are interested in which could be useful to our Croatian friends. It is the matter on geological explorations, then the oil processing. Next few months our companies will lead foreign trade negotiations in that sphere. But, of course, we would like to see if there is general approval in Government of Republic of Croatia. Productive work in that field has just started”, said Dvorkovič, who arrived in- at first sight- unbelievable arrangement.

Namely, he accepted to be this years ambassador of Youth sports games, , local children’s festival of amateur sport which grows from year to year and it spreads on neighbour countries. Game organizer Zdravko Marić managed to attract great names from world sports and politics, at least through some statements, to become ‘big friends’ of Games. Dvorkovič is specially interesting case. Allegedly to him, or to Kremlin and White home, Marić came through Valerij Gergijev, great conductor who often stays inCroatia and has friends here.

But of course the vice president of government ofRussian Federationwill not travel during the working hours to east European small country only for his altruistic impulse to support local development of amateur sport.

“Along with energetics, there is question of legal base in our relations so far, when Croatia entered European union. The important topic with government leaders is tourism development and humanitarian exchange. By entering Croatia into European union the visa relations became complicated”, said Dvorkovič .Last summer the number of Russian tourist fell, according to some counts, for almost 40 %, and it were many complaints on unpreparedness of Croatian services inRussia who were supposed to organize fast visa issuing. We asked Dvorkovič ifRussia has suggestion for improvement of current situation.

“There is good experience with Italy, for example. Visas for that country for Russians are issued very fast and without any problems. I think that Croatia needs to learn and introduce its praxis’, said Dvorkovič after promotional fast chess game with talented young people.

If it is not possible to solve it with politics, maybe it would be successful with sport- as it seems from the side while, for years now we see many unsuccessful tries by Russian leaders to, for their rich strategic investments, interest Croatian politicians. It is known that many energetic projects so far failed without clear explanations of officialZagreb. The most obvious example is the fact that Croatia is the only country from the region which hasn’t entered the project of gas line South flow, and that it was positive, for few times.

And finally, interesting paradox. Vice president of the government of one of the world powers took time for short talk with the representatives of public. It is familiar that Russian leaders very rarely improvise and give statement without previous agreement- the questions are often asked in advance. But Dvorkovič did that and gave responsible, cultural statesmanlike statement.

As we tried to get similar statement few meters further from Croatian minister of economy Ivan Vrdoljak, the man patted the writer on the shoulder and said that “he hurries on the bilateral meeting with Dvorkovič”. On the request to say few sentences about the topics they would talk about with prominent associate of Vladimir Putin, Vrdoljak said next: “We will talk, what else, we have to talk…. He came to us in the visit’- as he walked along the hall.

Maybe it is the difference between serious countries and those “shifty”. Arkadij Dvorkovič realizes who he is- he is Russian vice Prime minister. For Croatian minister- the one who was supposed to take us out of economy crisis- after this experience we can not conclude that he realizes who he is.

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