For Russians next year “multiple” visas

From majority of foreign markets Croatian tourism this year till the end of November records increase in tourist arrivals and overnights, from many double-digit figures and increase higher than expected, and since the December has small part share in total tourist annual traffic it can be concluded that physical tourist results this years are satisfying.

It is the estimate by Tourist committee of Croatian tourist board (TV HTZ) which on its this weeks meeting along everything else considered the report on season and the state on markets.

From January till the end of November of this year, according to the information by HTZ, in Croatia stayed nearly 12,3 million tourists or 5,5 % more than last year, while 72 million overnights is the increase of 4,1 %.

Foreign tourist traditionally  make majority of arrivals and overnights, and made bigger increase from total- till the end of November this years it arrived 11,1 million or 6,1 % more, and with 65,4 million overnights they are in plus for 4,7 %

Among foreign markets with the biggest increase, director of main office of HTZ Meri Matešić singled out those with double digits increase of overnights- Poland (increase of 20,3 %),  Great Britain (24%), USA (25,6%) and Scandinavian countries Norway and Sweden (30% each) and Finland (35,5%)

It is important she said that traditionally markets for Croatian tourism, like Germany  (which is market number one with the shares in total overnight of 22%),Austria,Slovenia,Czech,Hungary and Slovakia also made increase in overnights (of around 2 to 4 and more %)

On the other hand, as expected, there was the decrease in number of overnights  from Russia (of 21,6 %) and Ukraine (of 24,5%), and because of the problem of issuing visas or new visas regime due to Croatian entrance to EU, while from Italy and Spain there was decrease in overnight (from 2,1 , or 8%) expected by crisis in those countries

Due to decrease of Russian andUkraineovernights Matešić and minister of tourism and president of HTZ Darko Lorencin on the committee meeting announced that the actions of HTZ will be intensified on domestic market for next year.

Apart from tourist fair in Moscow in March, it is planned to have business workshops in Moscow and Kiev.

Minister Lorencin said that he talked on visa regime towards these countries with vice president of the government and minister of foreign and European Affairs Vesna Pusić and concluded that from 1st January  next year visa regime for those countries goes without obstacle, along with visa centres, online and all other channels for getting visa faster and more simple.

Lorencin said that it was agreed to issue visa to tourists for 90 days and to be multiple visa, which means that with them in that time period is possible to come more times toCroatia, go to Montenegro or other country and come back.

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