Vlada Federacije BiH traži sporazum o Južnom toku

Sarajevo-The government of Federation of BIH/FBIH will ask from Council of Ministers analyse of agreement between Government of Russian Federation and Council of Ministers on agreement in the area of gas and electro-energy in order to realize gas project “South flow”.

Government of FBIH today inSarajevoconsiders Information of federal Ministry of energy, mining and industry on this agreement and concluded that, before the agreement consideration on this meeting, Council of Ministers will forward that document for analysis and declaration, as it was said from the government of FBIH.

General secretariat will inform the government of FBIH about the realization of earlier mentioned initiative of federal Government towards Council of Ministers of BIH for bringing the final solution for realization of the project of transport gas line “Brod-Zenica”, as said in Government FBIH.

The Government of FBIH is informed today with the information of federal Ministry of energy, mining and industry on activities connected  to protection of state capital in company “Bosnalijek”, and gave full support to Prosecution of Sarajevo Canton for this procedure with the aim to state the responsibility and eventual punishment  of responsible persons for happenings in this management company.

Government of FBIH accepted the Report of Institute of Public Health FBIH “Health status of the population and health care in Federation BIH in2012”, which will be submitted to the Parliament of Federation BIH for approval.

When it is the word about demographic- vital figures, it is pointed out that in FBIH the demographic aging of the population is seen, with the trend of increasing the number of population older than 65 years for 14% in year 2012.

Birth rate still holds slow trend of decrease and is 9 %, and the deaths show slow increase of 8,8 %, but the infant mortality is reduced and it 6,2 %.

It is specially pointed out that population growth rate of 0,2 % continues the trend of decrease, which leads to natural depopulation. So in year 2012 the natural population had negative value in five cantons: Posavski, Bosansko-podrinjski, Hercegovačko-neretvanski, Zapadnohercegovačkim and Livanjski kanton.

Leading factor of health risk for population of FBIH are malnourishment, smoking, alcohol consumption, drugs and psychotropic substances, physical inactivity and stress, which is connected to heart and blood vessels diseases, and malignancies as leading death causes.

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