Valerij Arkelov buys Roman spas

LJUBLJANA- Russian business man Valerij Arkelov will buy 8,5 million euro valid Roman spas near Celje, former army resort of former Yugoslavian army which was renovated, but it went bankruptcy from spring and it owns to the banks 28 million euro.

Arkelov as an only one who gave an offer paid the bail before the auction which was supposted to happen on Thursday, so it was agreed that he would buy spas for 8,5 million euro.

The offer was given via Terme Resorts, Slovenian daughter company of “Arsenij Plus” from Czech spas Karlovy Vary whose owner is Arkelov.

Further days Arkelov should sign purchase agreement  and pay out agreed amount. For now on new owner doesn’t plan to change the concept of spa resort which will be developed as wellness centre and tourist resort-spa, or cut down on number of current employees.

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