The Trans-Siberian Railway: a short guide through luxury trains

Trans Siberian railway journey through Euroasia is one of the biggest tourist adventures and is something that every passionate traveler must experience at least once in his life. These days there is a possibilitiy to spend your journey from Moscow to Vladivostok in high luxury trains. Let us introduce you to a guide through this not-so-cheap pleasure.

Take a tour with luxurious train through Eurasia- from Moscow to Vladivostok- and enjoy comfort and luxury. Taste the barbecue on the shore of the lake Baikal, get to know nomadic way of life in Mongolia and visit the marvelous wooden architecture at the village Taljci. During this journey, you will observe the stunning wilderness of Siberia, and the term “comfort on wheels” will get its own brand new meaning. See briefly what is waiting for you on this trip- from fares to the possibility of visiting the Winter Palace. You will find out what these tours include and what to expect if you select one of them.

What is the difference?

Trans Siberian railway journey through Euroasia is one of the biggest tourist adventures and is something that every passionate traveler must experience at least once in his life. It represents the unforgettable experience – the passengers will see breathtaking scenes and will be introduced to a life style of local population. However, if you decide to travel with luxury Trans Siberian trains, the memories of this journey will be even more beautiful. You will feel as if you were traveling through Russia, Mongolia and China on elite Ritz-Carlton „hotel on the wheels“. It offers you excellent food, exciting lectures while traveling, compartment with the bathroom, and the opportunity to make friends with the travelers from all over the world. We present to you this offer so we can help you with making the right decision. At this moment we can offer you our four extremely luxurious Trans-Siberian train owned by private companies: “The Golden Eagle”, “Imperial Gold”, Grand Trans Siberian Express and the newest of all – Imperial Russia.


 Let’s start with the „Imperial Russia“. Because of its uniqueness, it is one of the most wanted trains for this kind of journey. First of all, it is the newest train- it began operating this year. Beside, it will take you away from the regular tourist routes, all the way to the beautiful cities like Omsk, Toboljsk and Novosibirsk. They are less popular but no less attractive destinations on the longest railroad line in the world.

In terms of comfort, Imperial Russia can be compared with the Hilton or Mariot hotels, wich are not the luxurious but are characterized by high comfort. Coupes are spacious and nicely decorated. Upper class journey implies coupes equipped with shower, and two luxury restaurant wagons where you will be served with excellent dishes of Russian cuisine. The train is brand new. Hotels where passengers will be staying during the trip are among the best. There are a few things that are in favor of “Imperial Russia”. The train was only introduced this year on the market and is considered one of the most luxurious on-Siberian railway lines. His tours are different from others and the special benefit are reduced price tickets during the first year of operation


 “The Golden Eagle train” is the highlight of luxury. Unlike the modern train like “Imperial Russia” is, the look of “The Golden Eagle” reminds us of some past times. His appearance is magnificent and we can say that deserves a place of honor among the trains. It is one of the best railway composition of luxury class in the world. Of all the wagons used at the Trans Siberian Railroad, the one that belong to “The Golden Eagle” have the most spacious coupes and impressive amenities for the travelers.

Let’s just say that during the trip you will be offered with champagne, bathrooms include L’Occitane hygiene products and the staff is available to passengers 24 hours 7 days a week. One interesting detail – composition is drawn by the locomotive P36, one of the oldest steam engines in use. We are free to say that “The Golden Eagle” is “Four Seasons” on the railroad. If you want the ultimate luxury, your expectations will be fulfilled. Of course, it comes with the prices- the price of a ticket for two weeks of Trans Siberian railway journey is over 20.000 dolars. Just to compare, for a similar program, the basic ticket price for „Imperial Russia“ is 5.000 dolars.


“Imperial Gold” is the oldest private train that runs the Russian railway. It doesn’t mean that it is less comfortable, because it is renovated almost every year. Includes large coupes, and since it’s owned by German company, passenger services are characterized by precision and quality characteristic of that country. What Kempinsky is among hotels, that is “Imperial Gold” in the category of railways.

In addition to the spacious cabin, passengers can expect and excellent comfort. One of the particularities of the train is “nostalgic wagon”. Its coupes are decorated as former Soviet trains in which have traveled senior officials. Travelling in this wagons will be a unique experience if you do not mind a common shower.



Another operator on Trans Siberian railway Grand Trans Sibrian Express, another luxury train owned by German company. In terms of comfort it can be compaed to „Imperial Rusija“. It offers a wide choice of coupes and prices more affordable than in “Imperial Gold”. Why this train stands out from the others is a real piano in the lounge wagon.


In all the world there is almost no tourist offer that is comparable to a luxury rail tour of the Siberia. This journey reminds you of cruise in “5-star hotels on the water”, because there trains are “5-star hotels on the rails”. While you glide through Sibir by train in the comfort and privacy, you feel like you are entering in another brand new world. We hope that you find this brief guide to help you choose your dream holiday at Eurasia.



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