Hidden pearl of Russia:peninsula Kola

poluotok Kola, RusijaPeninsula Kola is a part of Russia, whose hills and endless tundra remind of sceneries of part of „Mars chronicles“ Ray Bradburry. Town Lovozero, which is called by young people “Lion-Ozero” (“Love lake”, from English word love), is situated on peninsula Kole and is the capital of Russian part ofLapland, the country that many connect to Santa Claus. The coastal area of the same name is the most vast area and it has the smallest number of population in region in Murmansk area.

Local inhabitants live in houses on sleigh. Often hit by winds so strong that they can lift the dog in the air and other smaller animals, and sometimes they are strong enough to lift the people so they have to hold for metal poles along walking area, placed along whole settlements.

Coats made of reindeer leather and stew made of reindeer meat are usual clothes and food of local people, specially people who belong to semi-nomadic indigenous people of Russian North who know everything about reindeer breeding. When reindeers eat all moss, families pack and more to other village. It seems that mentality of reindeers influence people of Lovozer. Only small number of people go to town, but at the same time few people live it as well-There is something- fatigue, fear of different kind of life, need-what make people to stay with those similar to them, and that keeps the number of population for years on the same number. Currently only 2 828 people live there.

Tourists are manly fromRussia, Scandinavia andUSAand are in love in extreme terms of life. Nobody comes here by accident. Of course, it is necessary to prepare for the trip, because everybody can’t live in tepee (conical tent of skin) or ride on a snowmobile for 13 hours.

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