Russian brilliants in America

ALROSA, the biggest Russian diamond producer, could soon start to sell brilliants in USA. The businesses of sale of Russian brilliants of first class and marketing presentation will be done by Sotheby’s. It is supposed that Russian diamond producer through Sotheby’s will sell brilliants of first class produced in branch „Brilliants ALROSA“. Auction house Sotheby’s will, apart from that, represent in marketing way Russian company on American market.

The biggest Russian diamond producer is specially interested for marketing support by this auction house on American market, which is the biggest jewelry market in the world.

Russia has the biggest estimated diamond reserves in the world: around 60 % of all world reserves. Around 80 % of Russian diamonds are in Yakuts (East Siberia). Currently from giant craters is given 97% of Russians, or 25% of world diamonds. In year 2011 was extracted 35,14 million carats.

Company ALROSA (earlier „АлмазыРоссии-Саха”), according to information from 2010 is the biggest company with the total amount of given diamonds in the world. The centre of company is in Moscow and in town Mirna in Republic of Saha (Yakutiya).

Recently ALROSA in order to check this distribution system on New York’s Sotheby’s auction through its companies-daughters “ALROSA Arcos USA” sold diamonds for 500.000 dollars among others two big stones “average quality”, said for “Komersant” the source close to company. Russian company for stones  managed to get more than it was expected in case of their individual sale. Around mid year 2013 company plans to suggest to Sotheby’s the sale of valuable brilliants and specially one of over 40 carats and other of around 60 carats. ALROSA also considers possibility to sell its brilliants in shape of finished jewelry.


Expert of sectoral agency “Rough&Polished” Sergej Gorjainov thinks that during realisation of this project ALROSA can come across serious difficulties since in Russia in forbiden the export from country of unique diamonds and brilliants, as well as 50-carat diamonds. It is provided that stones from that category is delivered  only to National fund (Gosfond). Until now ALROSA sold brilliants to its long term clients from Belgium,Izrael, USA,India and Hongkong or on their private auctions.Branch “Brilliants ALROSA” was created only in order to come to independent information on brilliant prices for Russian producer.


At the end of November 2012 ALROSA said that with Belgium company „LaureltonDiamonds” has made long term agreement on delivery of raw diamonds. It is talked about company-daughter „Tiffany&Co“, one of the world’s nets for jewelry trade and other products of delux class. „LaureltonDiamonds” buys raw diamonds,do there final processing and sent them to „Tiffany“.Company owns personal capacities for drilling, such as in Belgium, Vietnam, South African Republic, Botswana, Namibia and on Mauritius.



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