Russian brothers become biggest investors in Croatian tourism

Long beards and impeccable tailor made suits are key elements  of image of Russian brothers Aleksej and Dimitrij Ananijev, entrepreneurs in total heavy three and a half milliard dollars. Unknown to Croatian public till now, brothers Ananijev  will become known to Croats as big, and soon the biggest foreign investors  inCroatiarecently. As we find out, even though they have never visited Croatia, brothers Ananijev decided on serious investments in Croatian tourism, which will in final be counted in hundreds million of euro.

Brothers Ananijev, are behind the company Beta investments, which on Tuesday officially announced the offer for purchase of shares of tourist company Jadranka d.d. from Mali Lošinj.Beta investments recently got 50,18 % of shares of Jadranka d.d. which made legal obligation to announce the offer for overtaking of shares. Currently in hands of Beta investments there are 166.839 shares of Jadranka, and till today invested significant sum of money in Croatian capital market, and only for overtaking of the rest of shares of Jadranka is ready to invest at least 117 million kuna.

First capital was gained in import of computer equipment in former USSR. Together in year 1995 they established Promsvyazbank, which is for now 11th bank at size in Russia. Promsvyzbank is specially turned to investment banking. They manage many investmentd funds via its company UK Promsvyaz, which manage few opened and closed funds and with one of the leading pension funds in Russia. UK Promsvyaz represents itself as serious investor which is on international market positioned ad long term investors who plan investments for a long period.Uk Promsvyaz is oriented on strategic investments , and companies which it gains and to local communities guaranty stability and safety. Few years ago UK Promsvyaz started looking for opportunities for investments on Mediterranean. Strategic decision was to invest in tourism. The number of Mediterranean countries became smaller, while at the end the decision was made for Croatia, partly because it was known that Croatia on 1st July becomes the member of European Union.

According to positive investment analyses, the decision felt on company Jadranka d.d. from Mali Lošinj. It is the word about the company established in year 1947, which manages  practically with all tourist capacities of Mali Lošinj. From the war till2007 incompany was invested 49 million euro, and from 2007 was started new investment circle which brought the room renovation. It is planned further development, construction of golf courses, marine and other new facilities.

Beta investments plans with investments in Jadranka, the development of company will be their priority in next years. The continuation of strategic business plan of current management  is planned. Right after taking over of company, Beta investments will place capital needed for realization of projects which at in final preparation phase. The emphasize will be on rising the quality of existing hotels, camps and tourist facilities, with the biggest attention for surroundings protection.

On the whole plan of Russian investors for Mali Lošinj these days will be acquainted relevant ministers, as Aktual finds out from political circles. It is obvious that the investment by brother Ananijev inCroatiawill be in hundreds of million euro- just till now in Beta investment is placed more than 230 million kuna. It will be great opportunity for Government to get points on first really big investment in this mandate, even though it is the word about investors who came toCroatiaby themselves because they think that it is the best to impregnate the capital.

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