Russia invests 5 milliard euro in Serbia

Russia will in next three years invest in Serbia around 5 milliard euro, as Russian ambassador in Belgrade Aleksandar Čerupin said and said that there is “no place for hysteria” because of different views connected to South flow, as published by

Main thing is that in last yearSerbiaandRussiadecided for realization of investment and infra structure projects of this size, which have not been seen earlier, in the amount of 4 milliard euro, said Čerupin in the interview for new number of Geopolitika.

It is South flow of 1,9 milliard euro, investments in Gazprom  andNISof 1,5 milliard, as well as reconstruction of Serbian railway with the investment of 600 million euro, said Čerupin.

There are the projects of electro energy company “Silovije mašini” and many other high technological companies, said Čerupin, pointing out that Lukoil considers investment of up to 500 million euro, which in total makes around 5 milliard euro.

Gas line South flow, as the biggest project inEuropeof last decade, most naturally draws big interest, because there are competitive states and companies which know what this project means, and they probably want something similar, thinks Čerupin.

When asked about statues on construction of South flow, Čerupin answered that “ there is place for hysteria and that there are no reasons that anybody is worried about anything, because it is one big project which will bring good to everybody, and no harm to nobody.”

On the question aboutSerbiaintention to get the armament and war planes, Čerupin answered that the talks are continued on system of air defense.

It should be determined what is really needed for the country, can it train people for that and close financial construction, because the weapon such as MiG-29 and systems S 300 and S 400 are very expensive, said Čerupin.

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