Russia in BRICS group

Moscow suggests to establish secretariat of BRICS, development bank, bank to align, crisis fund, and receiving in membership  Islamic countries, with the aim that members become new world power centre.

„West will not be able any more to keep up stable world order, not centres of influence are needed in world politics and economy, and biggest comparative advantage of Russia in times to come are its political and army power“, it says in document Russia in group BRICS. Strategic aims and how to fulfil them.“

The document should be the base of complex program of Russian membership in BRICS to fasten economical development and strengthen international and political positions of that country. It is clearly pointed out how Russia sees BRICS as alternative centre of power in post crisis world. Document’s authors say that creating of alternative power centres in world politics and economy are necessary.”The hopes that West will find internal reserves and create stabile world order are thinner and thinner”.

It is pointed out that every BRICS country has strong positions: China-economy, Brazil-potential natural resources and ecology, India- strong demographic and research potential and South African Republic- geostrategic position as African gate. As the biggest Russian advantages, document’s authors see its political and army power. But, the problem is that every country on world stage, individually promotes its interests. “Russia thinks that BRICS has much bigger negotiation potential and more opportunities for lobbying of interests and initiatives of countries members on international filed.”, it is pointed out in the document. BRICS is currently focused on economical questions, but in Moscow they think that it is advantageous to strengthen political power of Russia inside the group. In that light , the document again points out the idea, that became component of all Russian foreign policy documents, that entanglement in inside country’s questions and use of international institutions, mostly Security council of UN, for subversion of “inappropriate” governments in different countries.

Concrete measures for strengthening of influence and BRICS are: establishing, firstly virtual, and then real secretariat of BRICS, development bank with capital of 50 milliard dollars and centre in Moscow,Bank for International settlements between BRICS countries for payment in national currencies and special anti crisis fund with the capital of 240 milliard dollars. BRICS countries can and they should together solve security questions like fight against the spread of nuclear weapons, cyber criminal, terrorism, drugs and piracy, but also ecological problems. In order to strengthen civilizational group potential, Moscow suggests accepting of Islamic country like Indonesia or Turkey.

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