Russia seventh partner in Croatian export

Russia is on the seventh place of the most important partners in Croatian export. Last years trade betweenCroatiaandRussiawas two milliard American dollars (USD), what is for 3% more than in 2011.The export of Republic of Croatia in Russia last year was 420 million dollars, or for 7 % more than a year before, so the negative foreign balance was decreased. The biggest influence had the export results of Ericsson Nikola Tesla and lack of gas import.

Good cooperation also develops thanks to representation of Croatian Chamber of Economy inMoscow, and initiative of Business committee for cooperation withRussian Federation. Establishment of Customs union ofRussia,ByelorussiaandKazakhstanbring new opportunities and new possibilities for development of cooperation on that huge and demanding market. By consolidation of three countries the economical influence and human resources are increasing, or the number of consumers increase.

This year on 27th and 28th May in Moscow will be held 7th assembly of Croatian-Russian inter government committee for technical support, as a part of which the Russian-Croatian economy forum will be held.

Russian market, experts say, are not only oil and gas but other activities such as wood processing industry, and Russia develops investment projects connected to Winter Olympic games in Sochi 2014, World football championship 2018, and programs of region development and Far East. 20 % of inhabitants of that big and rich in contracts country is faced to luxury goods, and internet sale makes 40% of all sales inRussian Federation. To Russian buyer in the first place is price, then exclusivity and quality of products, so those who are present on Russian market must direct to Russian middle class. It is also important to meet with the market, collect information via economy delegation, so it is important to find distributer or open offices of local production. But, if product on Russian market comes via distributer, its price increase even up to 200 %. The most perspective area for investments in Russia is infrastructure and services, and Croatian companies have the most  perspective in placement of ecological clean food products, alcohol drinks and children foot wear.

All business negotiation is done on Russian language, and in Russian customs authorities all documents have to be submitted and translated on Russian. Special attention should be directed to chemical products, fruit and vegetables products which consists alcohol and high technical equipment.

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