Russia reviews euro

Russian prime minister Dmitrij Medevedev threaten that Russia will question participation of euro in Russian reserves if solution for financial crisis  on Cyprus hits Russian interests.

Chances to introduce special tax EU on roles in banks on Cyprus, from which big part is Russian, “is the reason to think about euro”, said the prime minister .

Between 41 and 42 % of Russian reserves in euro, and EU proposal to Cyprus is not appropriate as it is considered in Russian government. Big number of Russian state structures works through Cyprus, and their bank accounts in banks are blocked.

“Cyprus is the member of European union, and it is up to EU to form proposals. It has to be done carefully, otherwise it can again come to world financial crisis”. as Medvedev warned, resenting to EU that Russia is not included in negotiation with Cyprus. That led to promise of European power of 10 milliard euro, but with the demand for disposable income for all roles in banks in Cyprus, from which big number is Russian. It is also mentioned the possibility of law procedure of Russia against country Cyprus or some banks.

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