Russia and China strengthen cooperation

High positioned Russian and Chinese officials have made agreement to start with the plan of increase of bilateral trade and economical cooperation. Chinese prime minister deputy Zhang Gaoli pointed out that the terms for starting “big economical cooperation” between Russia and China, are fulfilled, the countries whose economy, for many last years, has been rapidly developed  and it competes with strong European and American markets. The medias say that during the visit of Chinese president Xia Jinping to Moscow in March it was agreed that annual exchange will be increased on 100 milliard USD until 2015 and up to 200 milliard till 2020.Last year that figures rose up to 88 milliard UD. Till the end of 2012. Chinese companies invested around 4,4 milliard USD in Russia.

Russian representative on today’s meeting in Beijing, Igor Šuvalov pointed out that Russia is ready for cooperation with China in the fields of energetics ,  financies, industrial modernisation and infrastructure. Chinese part is ready to increase investments in Russia with bigger number  of joined projects of strategic importance”, said Zhang.


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