It started the sale of first Russia smartphone

In Russia yesterday started the sale of  first Russian smartphone, called YotaPhone, developed by Russian company Yota Devices. As company announced, the sale is done through its online shop  and sale salons and the price of device is 443 euro inRussia.

YotaPhone is a smartphone which supports the net of fourth generation (LTE). Main specification of this device are two screens of4,3 inch, first in resolution 720X 1280 pixel, and second black and white made by the technology of electronic ink (which serves to save the energy and for easier use during the day light).

Operative system uses the newest version of Google Android, microprocessor of 1,7 gigahertz, with 2 gigabyte of RAM memory. In the middle of December the sale of YotaPhone will start in retail object inGermanyand  in online shops inAustria,Germany,FranceandSpain.

In January 2014 YotaPhone will be available  online in classical shops ofGreat Britain,Greece,Cyprus, Czech andMiddle East, and after the certification in first quarter of this year the sale will start in another 19 countries. Retail price of YotaPhone in region EMEA (Europe, Africa,Middle East) will be 499 euro.

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