The biggest titanium producer in the world

Ural corporation VSMPO Avisma is the biggest titanium producer in the world: the cooperation its insures 30% of world needs

Thanks to corporation VSMPO Avisma from Sverdlovsla county on Ural, which is the biggest titanium producer in the world, it can be for sure claimed that in every plane made in Europe and America there is a part of Russia. This company now covers more than 60% of European corporation for production of planes Airbus, around 40% of needs of American company Boeing and 100% of needs of Brazilian company Embraer.

Around 30 % of titanium is used in industrial production, 40 % in plane production, 20 % in motor production and 10 % in rocket production. Corporation settles over 30 % of needs of world titanium market. In total range of business of corporation, on Russian market goes 30% up to 35%, and rest is exported. Last year Russia ordered for domestic industry record amount of titanium, it was ordered 10 000 tones, and it was bought more than 12 000 tones, which shows that today in Russia, the industry is developed on the base of high technologies in which titanium is used. Apart from that, more frequent use  of composite materials in plane industry increases the needs for titanium because aluminum and steel with composite coordinate.

In corporation they plan to expand and enrich range, increase part of high technological products with high level of processing, develop cooperation with partners, show up on new markets and increase participation where already exists. Since, clients are less and less interested for simple semi products such as plate and rod, and they are more interested almost finished products. To satisfy that demand , till 2015 VSMPO Avsima intends to invest 800 million dollars in production.

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