The coldest village in the world

Ojmjakon, Russian village in Yakutia region is the coldest permanently inhabited place on Earth, even though the name Ojmjakon means “non freezing of water” and because of natural hot springs near the village.

During the winter the average temperatures are around 50 degrease celsius below zero, and record temperature was unbelievable 71.2 below zero.

In the village which is situated 690 m above sea level in the valley between two mountain chain, which is one of the reasons for such low temperatures, live around 500 people.Since the soil is permanently frozen, the inhabitants of the coldest village in the world on the north of Russia mostly eat horse meat, deer meat and fish which they catch. All they need for hunting and fishing , from weapon, traps, poles and hooks the inhabitants find in local shop.

One of the beauties of this Russian region are horses (on the picture below).They have very thick mane, long horse hair and they are short. They are famous for the fact that they can survive big Siberian cold , up to 60 degrese below zero.

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