MOSCOW-ZAGREB-MOSCOW with Croatia Airlines, is it possible?

Following many requests of our economy people and the need which occurred from their business trips to Russian Federation in Croatia Airlines is considered the bring the regular air line Zagreb-Moscow-Zagreb. Our agency Atlantis Travel  held the meeting with the management of Croatia Airlines. Even though CA for some time thinks about the line for Moscow, at this moment the biggest problem is that they don’t have physically available plane for that destination. One of the main terms for realization of this new line is getting of new plane of 100 seats, and after that commercial analyze of profitability. The opinion of all of us who work in Russian Federation is that it should be helped to Croatia Airlines  not to suffer loss in first year.

Based on that Croatian chamber of economy asks Croatian companies who work of have business partners in Russia  to submit information on estimated monthly needs for travelling on mentioned line during next year, as the same can be forwarded to representatives of CROATIA AIRLINES and in that way help to prepare commercial analyzes and faster the procedure of introducing this mentioned line.

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