Moscow overtook New York in the number of billionaires

Moskva Crveni trg

According to information of Russian magazine RBK, Big Apple, popular name of New York is no more the town with the biggest number of billionaires, but it is Moscow now. In American city there are 70 rich people with the capital biggest than billion dollars, and in Moscow 76. Then Hong Kong follows,Beijing,LondonandShanghai.

When talking about countries with the bigger number of billionaires,Russiais on the third place, behindChina, andUSAwhere the biggest number is.

First in wealth in Russia is co-owner of London’s Arsenal, share holder of Facebook and the owner of most influential Russian newspapers Komersant, Ališer Usmanov.He has won this title second time in the row. He has the properties estimated on 18,72 milliard dollars, around 650 million more than last year.

It is interesting to mention that according to new information  Roman Abramovič, the most famous Russian oligarch and the owner of London’s football club Chelsea, is no more in top 10 and with 11,53 milliard dollars is only on 11th place. There are gossips that his new wife Daša Žukova the guilty for the decrease of his wealth.

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