Visit toMoscow’s Kremlin is something you mustn’t miss. Borovicko- birth place ofMoscow, Kremlin- town- fortress and the biggest medieval fortress in Europe, spiritual centre ofMoscowandRussia, the rock of Russian government, art treasury. Kremlin is Russian national sanctity and one of the architecture wonders. Simply- it is nice and interesting there. On Cathedral square there are beautiful churches: assumption church, Annunciation church,churchofSaintarchangel Michael, Church of the deposition of the robe,ParishChurchof the Moscow Patriarch. On Ivanovsky square near Tsar-cannon and Tsar-bell it is obligatory to take photo for memories.All interesting things about Kremlin are in neo-Renaissance Kremlin Armory from 1851 where today is situated the museum of Russian state symbols and diamonds.

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