Milanović u Bakuu sklapa konačni dogovor oko IAP-a

By realization of Jadrankso-jonski pipeline (IAP)Croatia would get new supply way and possibility of new incomes, and Azerbaijan entrance on the new market of middle Europe.

Croatian prime minister Zoran Milanović will lead high government delegation which should next week visit capital of Azerbaijan Baku, and at that occasion it should finalize and agreement on Croatian participation  in construction of pipeline TAP, probably the most important energy project at this moment in Europe. TAP is one of the key projects supported by European union in order to decrease the level of dependence on Russian gas. Pipeline TAP or full name Trans-adriatic pipeline should transport the gas fromAzerbaijan’s fields to Greek-Turkish border viaAlbaniato southItaly. Croatian interest in whole project is referring to connection pipeline called IAP (Jadranski-jonski pipeline), which should from Greece through Albania, Montenegro, BIH and Croatia supply gas from Tap on the market of Middle Europe.It is important for Croatia.

On one side, by insuring new supply way it would improve safety in supply of this energy, but also improve currently very low level of usage of main pipelines inDalmatia, and domestic operator of gas transport system Plinacro significantly increased its incomes. Finally, realization of IAP would have big geo strategic importance .As the countries where the pipelines should go through have already made an agreement  on its construction, key detail for future of this project  is gas availability, or if Azerbaijan’s institutions and companies are ready  to guaranty the supply of sufficient gas amount. This agreement should be made inBaku.

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