China and Russia overtake USA and Germany

Analyse by Euromonitor shows that soon the relation on global political and business scene, so till 2020 three to five biggest world economies will be from the development countries.

China, according to estimate of Euromonitor, will be the biggest world economy and overtake the first place fromUSA, whileRussiawill surpassGermanyand be fifth world economy superpower.

Indiawill be on third place, while inJapanwill take fourth place.China,IndiaandRussiawould have to hold 30,4 % of global GDP according to parity of buying power. Analyse showed that developed economies more and more lose the breath in the race with those from developing countries, and for whose development the world crisis was the catalyst, which hit the most developed states. Further more,Chinawould have to surpassUSAat monitoring parameters in year 2017. WhileRussiawill surpassGermanyin year 2016.

This new relation in power will have influence on global political scene, business surroundings and investment flow.

According to development of their economies in development countries business boom is just about to happen, because the middle class will be stronger and stronger.

Chinafound its way for development in world economy power super force in big production base, cheaper labour, biggest number of citizens in the world and moderate economy. The result is thatChinawill till 2020 have 19% of world’s GDP compared to parity of buying power. USA which had till 1990, 25% of world GDP according to parity of buying power will decrease to 16%, among others because the state where the world economy crisis started in year 2008 still can’t find the way for reactivating of its potentials, and it sinks on world competitiveness ranking. Despite that, the advantages ofUSAare the biggest market of consumer goods and that it is still world leader in technological development.IndiaovertookJapanin year 2011, and its demographic advantage shows that in future decades it could become the leader in world economy.Indiahas very young population , and till 2005 it will become the most populous country in the world. But,New Delhihas to solve as soon as possible the question of bad educational system and infrastructure. The secret of Russian success is in its propulsive energy sector. But the development of business surroundings is impeded by corruption, state control and bureaucracy.

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