HBOR and Sberbank will finance Croatian constructors

The leaders  of Croatian bank for restoration and development ( HBOR) and Sberbank of Russia signed today the agreement on cooperation by which it is intended to support economy cooperation of companies of two countries and make the procedure of their projects easier.

The President of Management of HBOR Anton Kovačev pointed out the importance of making agreement with the Russian biggest and one of the faster growing world banks which is strategic faced to economy support. The agreement is by his words the good foundation for cooperation  of Croatian and Russian companies and also for Croatian investment inRussiaand Russian inCroatia. He reminded that Croatian companies before Patriotic war was significantly present inRussiaand expressed his hope that today signed agreement will help in reconstruction and strengthening of Croatian-Russian business connections.

Kovačev informed that with the representatives of Sberbank of Russia he talked on financing of three construction projects which would be done in Russia by Croatian companies, total value of 190 million euro.It is the word about construction of shopping centre in Moscow, mobile homes in town Tula and one Moscow’s suburb. In these businesses HBOR would give the loan to the buyer, and Sberbank guaranty. Vice president of management of Sberbank of Russia Sergej Gorkov said that he was glad that Sberbank has the opportunity to help Croatian efforts to increase the export inRussiaand  CIS countries, and inTurkeyalso and other countries where Sberbank is present.

“We are ready to support Russian investment in Croatia and Croatian in Russia and CIS countries”, said Gorkov.

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