Gazprom odustao od brodske Rafinerije, Nestro Petrola i Rafinerije ulja

BOSANSKI BROD- „Gazprom“ will not buy refinery  in Brod and Modriča, neither “Nestro petrol”. This Russian giant company gave up the mentioned business project, because it is not profitable.The loss of Refinery grew on shocking 248 million euro. Refinery finishe first nine months of this business year with the loss of 157,40 million euro, with what total accumulated loss of company, which was at the end of year 2012 232,6 million euro, went up to 248 million euro. Gazprom’s experts, after the analyse of business of mentioned economic entity, concluded that the buying of former Oil industry RS would be total business miss. There are many reasons, and the most important is terrible situation Brod’s refinery is in. Refinery wasn’t important to “Gazprom” and even that the buying was realised, it would be closed. In this company was considered to take over distributive net “Mestro Petrol” but that possibility was dropped out as well, since that pump station net, owned by local company, is very badly distributed. ”Even 50 % of pump stations as a part of “Nestro petrol” is unproductive and totally unprofitable”- claimed by sources, and they point out that this fact made local distributive  company totally uninteresting to “Gazprom”. “Gazprom” considered  buying of refinery in Brod and Modriča and “Nestro petrol”, after they were offered for sale.

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