Croatia will present its investment potential in Moscow

Russian companies have shown great interest in participating in the Croatian-Russian economic forum and in business discussions with potential Croatian partners. So far over eighty companies have been registered, however survey is still in progress and is expected to be greater.


The forum will host more than 70 Croatian companies from the energy, pharmaceuticals, shipbuilding, machine building, transportation, agri-food industry, consulting, information technology, tourism, real estate and marketing, textile and leather industry, banking and construction. So far, over 90 Russian companies from various sectors of energy, construction, agro-food industry, IT, tourism, real estate, banking and other supporting industries, have shown interest in participating on meeting.

Croatian economic delegation will be headed by Croatian Minister of Economy, Ivan Vrdoljak and president of the CCC Luka Burilović.

Managing Director of CCC in the Russian Federation Jakov Despot, answers questions about the upcoming Croatian-Russian Economic Forum, which will take place on February 17 in Moscow.

Who should Croatian companies, which are planning to enter the Russian market, contact for an advice?

Croatian companies interested in approaching to Russian market can turn to Department for International Relations of the CCC or to CCC representative office in Moscow, which opened on June 19th 2010, with the aim in better promotion of Croatian products, science and innovation in the Russian Federation and support for Croatian economists and companies.


Alongside with the CCC operates  Business Council for Economic Cooperation with the Russian Federation, that unites economists who operates with Russia and those who have interest in operating with them. The basic purpose of establishing the Business Council for Economic Cooperation with the Russian Federation is intensification of activities aimed at helping companies with their appearance on the Russian market, which should ultimately increase the Croatian exports and contribute to the general promotion of the Croatian economy in the Russian market.

In order to protect the interests of Croatian companies who already do business in the Russian Federation, based on the proposal of the Croatian Embassy in the Russian Federation and representatives of CCC, Croatian business representatives accepted the proposal for renewal of the Croatian Business Club in Moscow. Club primarily serves for the exchange of the information, experiences and ideas between economic subjects that operate in Russian Federation and for the development of economic cooperation between Croatia and Russia, in particular by encouraging trade, investment and economic cooperation. The club operates in premises of the Representatives of CCC in Moscow, which provides a full organizational and logistical support. Membership and participation in the club is voluntary and completely free for all members- representatives of Croatian business community in the Russian Federation.

What are the conditions for participating in Forum?

Participation in the Russian-Croatian economic and investment forum, which will be held on 17 February 2015 at the premises of Trade and Industry Chamber of the Russian Federation in Moscow, is open to all interested participants without paying the registration fee, but with mandatory registration. Complete information about how to apply and supporting documents are published on the website TIK RF, link

Source: Russia Beyond The Heaslines

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